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Virtual Reality in Entertainment Platforms

Четверг, 21 Декабря 2017 г. 13:02 + в цитатник

Fantasy and games have accompanied humanity almost from its very inception. Since ancient times there are references to "the latest games". From theater to 3d movies, from table-tops to computer games, from dusty saloons to glowing casino lights – what other than imagination was driving the progress of the global entertainment industry? Technical progress and nano-technologies don’t stop there.


The rapid expansion of the entertainment space is a virtual and augmented reality. Yes, because of the complexity and high cost of equipment, the virtual world hasn’t yet become available to everyone who wants to use it individually. Although, those who want to plunge into the virtual reality can find the following equipped rooms and facilities:

  • Cinemas with specially equipped armchairs and additional accessories;
  • Gambling online games with virtual reality (if finances allow, you can purchase individual equipment, but casinos that have reached the level of best real money online casino, with pride guarantee the highest quality of this option);
  • Computer games with virtual reality (prestigious computer clubs equip special gaming halls, the minimal equipment can be purchased independently).

General Equipment for Virtual Reality

Developers have created many different gadgets for immersion into virtual reality, the main one of which is special glasses (helmet). After all, visual perception is the main thing for immersion in the artificial world. Such glasses have several displays that show images to the left and right eye separately, creating a whole real multi-dimensional picture. Virtual glasses (helmet), of course, are the breakthrough into another dimension but there are still many tasks for developers: it is necessary to reduce the weight of the gadget, reduce the price and overcome the fatigue of perception.

In addition to visual perception, auditory, tactile, temperature, and spatial sensations are necessary.

A high-quality sound is provided by stereo headphones or multi-channel speakers. To reproduce other sensations, companies use special simulators, chairs, devices with feedback. They vibrate, move, change temperature and even inject odors in appropriate situations.

Also, special clubs offer gloves that allow you to experience tactile sensations when interacting with virtual objects.

Equipment for Virtual Reality Cinemas

The newest modern (and very expensive) equipment nowadays is used by specialized cinemas. The halls in them are usually small (maximum - 10-15 seats), since each place is separately equipped. In a special chair, using glasses and other devices, you will find yourself not just inside the picture, but you will also feel the change of weather, smells, splashes of water and gusts of the wind, etc.

Equipment for Virtual Reality in Online Casinos

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to such a cinema, but many are ready to experience the thrill of playing in an online casino at home. However, you need to know that the virtual reality in the online casino is available on desktop devices with the support of specialized programs.

For more than ten years, alongside the classic slot machines for slots for fun, the popularity of games with a live dealer has been growing. In recent years, the effect of being at the same table with the dealer has become a special feature. Technologies are developing rapidly and experts predict that in the upcoming years we are expecting a boom of virtual online games.

Equipment for Computer Games with Virtual Reality

Computer clubs offer something in between a cinema and an online game. There are also individual seats with special armchairs, helmets (or glasses with headphones) and gloves for the transmission of visual, sound and tactile sensations. Such clubs are popular all over the world.

Also, the choice of computer virtual games is gradually expanding, which may be played at home with minimal technical means.

Virtual Reality - the Future of the Entertainment Industry

Undoubtedly, virtual reality has taken a strong place in the entertainment field, because it gives a lot of place for imagination, provides a hormonal splash and emotional relaxation. In addition, even being comparatively expensive, it is still a cheaper and easier way to change the situation than, for example, travel. In addition, if you can travel to a real place without gadgets, then in the fantasy world there is hardly any other way.

If you can’t buy special glasses or visit a virtual cinema, you can start with games with a live dealer at PlayShangriLa.com, even in this case, you will see a noticeable difference from conventional computer graphics.

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